How to Survive the First 48 Hours if Stranded
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How to Survive the First 48 Hours if Stranded

Survival: How to survive the first 48 hours in extreme out door situations.

It is no big secret that the world's climate is ever changing, sometimes not to our favor. Sudden rain falls can change a pleasant outing into a nightmare. Extreme heats and cold weather can cause automobiles to quit running in the middle of no where. Local law enforcement and military have been called up to perform search and rescues mission more frequent then ever. Here are some tips that may help the individual or individuals beat the odds in the survival game and it all starts with how we approach the first 48 hours.

Stay calm. This piece of advice is crucial in taking the first step to any chance of making it through, stay calm. Yes we are in a stressful situation but adding to it isn't going to make it better.

Become aware of your surroundings. Take stock in what you see , hear, smell, feel. Are you hurt? Is anyone else hurt? What kind of equipment do you have? Food, clothing, water, fire producing items? Do you still have communications? The list goes on. Again , if one thing or the other isn't in place, still remain calm. There are numerous reports on file that prove , had the individual just taken the time to become aware of their surroundings, they would have been found in mater of hours verses days.

Make a plan. Once we have become calm, became familiar with our surroundings and made an assessment, we can now formulate a plan. Either a movement plan or a stationary survival plan, both will need to be formulated soon. A movement plan can be as simple as getting a direction and distance, making sure we are cloth properly , food and water if needed and move out. The stationary plan, if so decided on based on location or the chance of being found easier, will need a little more plan as -it-developed and continually improving the situation.

One will find  that as these steps are being worked through , the will to survive will take over, the calmness will come and slowly the confidence will build back up. All of which will be needed to survive the first 48 hours.

Take care of the comfort items. In a stressful environment ,studies have proven that it is critical to stop and take care of oneself, without taking care of yourself , you can not expect to even attempt to conquer the odds that are facing you. Take time to rest. Make a shelter. Start a fire. Eat something, even sing a song or two. Whatever it takes to rest and prepare for the day to come. You will survive the next 48 hours!

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