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Outdoor Survival Forum & FAQ

on Stone-Age Tools How to Make a Stone Axe, a Stone Knife and Spear Point , I saw a photo of arrow tips that did'nt look like they came from fine graned rocks. they resembled that of stone most consider unsuitable for flintknapping, what process, method, or technique do you do to turn these unsuitable stones into arrow tips? more
Also, I have children around all the time and I have never heard of knoji, so am not sure exactly what it is, in what you have seen is it mature content free more
Last answer by Randy Augsburger 84 months ago +0 votes:
Answering the question directly I would say a knife would be the most useful piece of gear. While am a firm believer that knowledge is the most important thing you can take with you it really isn't a piece of gear. Knowing what you are doing in a situation can be much more useful than a backpack full of gear. TS more