Supplies Needed For Hiking
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Supplies Needed For Hiking

There are certain supplies that are essential for hiking.

Compass: A compass has been used for many years now. A compass aligns itself with the Earth’s magnetic field and it will tell you which direction you are heading.

Emergency Bag: Your emergency bag should be filled with emergency supplies such as a flashlight, extra batteries, emergency flares, a lighter and a first aid kit. This ensures that you have extra supplies in case there is an emergency.

Light Weight Tent: A light weight tent is essential if you are going to be hiking overnight. It would be a pain to have to carry a large heavy tent on your back for a long distance.

Warm Clothes: Even if you are hiking in the summer months, warm clothes are essential to bring in case it gets cool in the evening. Long pants, extra socks and sweatshirts are things that you will want to pack in your backpack.

Dry Food: Dry food is essential for hiking. It is great to store in your backpack as it is a light weight item. There are many dry food meals that you can buy. These meals look small, but will definitely fill you up.

Waterproof Bag: A waterproof bag is a great supply that you man need for hiking. If it starts raining you wouldn’t want any of your hiking supplies to get ruined by the water. It is helpful to wear a plastic poncho to avoid getting wet in the pouring rain as well.

Notebook and Pen/Camera: You never know when you may run into something unique and interesting. Taking a notebook and pen and jotting down information so you can research when you get home is a great idea. Also, bringing a camera with you may be a great idea so you can capture memories that you want to remember. Some people enjoy bringing a waterproof and shockproof camera so it doesn’t get damaged.

Trash Bag: If you are a true hiker, you are probably love nature and its surroundings as well. This means you probably don’t like garbage laying around the beautiful wooden area. Bringing a trash bag and picking up garbage you see along the way is a great idea.

Boots: Wearing the right hiking boots is important to keep your feet feeling great. It is important to have the right support and the correct size when hiking miles on various trails. Buying the cheapest pair of boots you can find at the store won’t cut it.

Water: Water is probably the most important supply that you will need while hiking. It is extremely important that you don’t get dehydrated while hiking around. Make sure you pack lots of water and plan for more days that you really plan to be gone. It’s better to have more water than not enough.

Phone: Although many hikers don’t believe in taking electronic devices with them on their hiking trips, it definitely may be a life saver. If you own a cell phone, it is in your best interest to take it along with you.

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Valuable information and well presented.

Great article, and how important!

Excellent article for those hikers out there. These are definitely things you would need. Well done article.

Good, sound advice on hiking and possible essentials. Very well written :D

Thanks for the list of supplies needed for hiking.

a sensible checklist for hikers. thanks!